Manufacturing & Design

Producing high quality bespoke and custom designed canvas  tents & structures. Custom woven tent linings to any design


With over 16 years experience we have produced a wide range of tents in a variety of countries, including Pakistan, Morocco, India and The UK. 

The tents linings have all been unique and created using a range of techniques, including: Hand block printing - This offers a very delicate, light and airy feel to the tents. Patchwork - the most vibrant range of colours and stitch work combine to create this beautiful interior. Woven fabrics - initially using hand loom techniques we more recently have used computer controlled looms to create stunning fabrics to our own unique designs. We have also complimented our tents and linings with a full range of high quality furnishings and accessories to provide a truly fully furnished package.


Beautiful Tent Interiors by Bedouin Tents
Hand Block Printed Tent Interior
Bedouin Tents - Custom Made Tents


"We are still unable to express our gratitude adequately for the stupendous marquee you and your team constructed.  The looks of astonishment on the guests faces as they entered the main marquee were a treat to behold.  The atmoshere created far exceeded our expectations. Your team were hard working, charming and took obvious pride in the finished product. Thanks for your meticulous attention to detail, we had the perfect lighting, temperature, seating, candles, dance floor, stage and even aroma."

M. Vaughn & H. Tanner of Henly-On-Thames